Humanity – All around you and including you

I really wonder why,

“only the stringent Hindus, who prefer to spend milk, money and food on statues or Godmen or trees, when those same things can help a needy person outside that very temple”   “only the Muslims who are mislead and driven by violent religious fanaticism through misinterpretation of Quran, that dream of bringing the whole under Caliphate rule with Sharia implemented”   “only the Christians who expect every possible human they see around them to convert to Christianity and undoubtedly accept Jesus Christ as your only savior and lord”

get all the attention in the media and people.

-Why do the Godmen, babas or swamis get such support and publicity?!!

-Why does Osama Bin Laden or Al-Queda sound so familiar than Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri or Saint Hazrat Mian Mir?!!

-Why do the organisations and preachers that use monthly rations and money to convert illiterates and poor people to their faith get so many funds?!!


I know tons of,

  • “Hindus who think the whole world and nature as God, all living things around me, all human beings who are nice to each other and everything is God….I don’t need to go to a particular place to be closer to such a beautiful God”
  • “Muslims who are nicer, loving, caring to any non-muslim person and treat them as their own family…who think God made different people with different faith in the same world, so it is his wish that we all live together in love and respect for eachother”
  • “Christians who strongly feel God is a very personal feeling, it is between an individual’s soul and the God himself…Jesus Christ is so loving and caring that if he wishes, he can reach his children on his own…God does not need any salesmen, sponsors and promoters”.

Then, why do only the contrary always pose as representatives of religions to the masses and to eyes other religions?!!

Peace, Humanity, Dignity, Honesty, Selflessness – none of these traits are limited to people of a particular Religion or a particular Religious Holy Book.

They come from “Respect & Love” for others. From seeing each individual in the same way you expect them to see you as, irrespective of the other’s belief, race, gender.

  • For an atheist or agnostic or Humanist or even for a believer, the problem is not really with God. A relation between one individual and his beliefs on God is no other person’s concern as long as it is personal and in fact, it is intrusion to even bother someone for such a reason. Problem only starts when such beliefs begin to impact the society around them in the form of unquestionable faith or follow of rules, unverifiable claims, superstitions, imposing of ideas on children, intentional use of such beliefs to influence others and so on.

[It doesn’t bother a tolerant rational thinking person if you worship Rama or Shiva or Allah or Jesus or Mary or Yehovah or Elohim or Ba’al or Odin or Zeus or Hades or Ra(Ancient Egyptian Sun) or Ba’al or Satan or some pink zebra. That is not the problem of any one unless other than you, unless that starts to affect some one else other than you.]

  • The problem only starts with “Religions” that puts barricades between humans in the form of making them believe “You are more right than that other human who believes something different”.
  • Religions made by men. Religions that were either created out of ignorance of that age or inability to simple logic and nature or purely to control others around them. Religions that are, in our world for centuries, tangled up with political reasons. Strangely enough, everyone has the same defence too “Only my religion is an exception of such a nexus of God and Politics at any level or any time in history”
  • Why does one Holy Book be the more correct than the other?  Why does one religion be a better way of life than the other?  Why does one belief be more genuine than the other?!! Why do religions need to be immune from being questioned or contradicted or improved to make a better living for everyone? Why do the word of religions be more valuable than a person’s life? Why do miracle claims still facinate people, even in an age when every such claim can be debunked and explained in the simpliest way?
  • Do we really need such undoubted faith and unquestionable allegiance to Religions and their claims?

In the Universe which is 13.77 Billion years old, on a planet which is 4.6 Billions years old….we leave our foot-steps for about 70-80 years. The earth will go on for at the least for 10-11 billion years more after we leave.

For this tiny fraction of time on ‘Universe’s clock’, do we really need to convince and fight each other to prove which religion is more correct? Can we not live with each other with mutual trust and respect, spend our good days on this planet as equals and simply Humans?

Think ! Humanity


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